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As a result of Darier's syndrome, vitamin A is not fully absorbed by the body, while the zinc content and the activity of certain enzymes in the epidermis are reduced. The result of these pathological processes is a violation of the mechanism of skin keratinization. If the parents are carriers of the abnormal gene, then in 50% of cialis tadalafil pills their child will manifest their diagnosis - Darier's disease. Although if a healthy baby is born to sick parents, his future children will not have this pathology. Vegetative keratosis cannot be transmitted sexually or by airborne droplets. Some dermatologists also consider hypovitaminosis of vitamin A to be the cause of Darier's syndrome.


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Localized dyskeratosis (zosteriform or linear). This abortive form has linear foci, which are localized only on non-standard or limited areas of the skin. It is characterized by a combination of papules and nodules. Follicular typical. This seborrheic form occurs in 90% of cases. Hyperkeratotic (hypertrophic). An isolated form of tadalafil (warty dyskeratosis). The primary element of the manifestation of the disease are skin defects with plaques and cracks, warty growths. Vesicular bullous dyskeratosis. This form of the syndrome is characterized by polymorphism of the rash. Nodules and vesicles are present at different stages of the disease.

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The overall clinical picture and a complete history of tadalafil helps determine the further course of treatment for Darier's dyskeratosis. During the diagnosis, the doctor examines the signs of pathology, previous cases of a rash among close relatives. To confirm the disease, as a rule, a histological analysis is prescribed, in which the skin is examined. In addition, laboratory tests are mandatory: a biochemical blood test (alkaline phosphatase, bilirubin, triglycerides, AsAT, AlAT), a general urine and blood test.

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The clinical picture of the disease resembles leukoplakia. In addition, Darya's disease must be differentiated from: pemphigus; seborrheic dermatitis; lichen planus; Kirle disease; epidermodysplasia verruciformis. Darya's disease is a genetically transmitted predisposition. Treatment of the disease is complex, long-term and symptomatic. To start a course of therapy, you need to visit a specialist who will help eliminate the factors that provoke an exacerbation: hypothermia, UVI (ultraviolet), sweating, high humidity. Further, if a secondary infection has appeared, it will be necessary to get rid of it with the help of antibiotics and antifungal drugs. Aerosols, aniline dyes are used locally. Darya can be cured by regulating the composition of skin cells.

In parallel, the specialist must sanitize the focus of chronic infection. The main attention should be paid to the correction of keratinization, using vitamins A and E in large doses.

Dimethyl sulfoxide and Unna cream with retinol are prescribed externally. If Darier's disease is complicated by a bacterial infection, which can be manifested by pyoderma (impetigo), the doctor may prescribe antibiotics. With hormonal imbalance, corrective therapy should be chosen. Under its influence, persistent long-term remissions are possible, the prognosis for recovery from the disease is the most favorable.

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With an exacerbation of Darier's disease, the patient is usually hospitalized. For treatment, he is prescribed oral vitamin A and its injections. The duration of therapy is selected individually and is under the supervision of a dermatologist. Often, at the initial stage of the disease, aromatic retinoids, immunocorrective agents, local keratoplastic preparations are used. Patients with Darya's disease need constant medical examination, examination by a specialist once a quarter. In addition, a dermatologist may prescribe: oxygen therapy; spa treatment; sea ​​and oxygen baths; moderate ultraviolet exposure; PUVA therapy.

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If the course of the disease becomes widespread, the dermatologist may advise the patient to use hormonal ointments based on prednisone and hydrocortisone. Such drugs for external use are able to stop the inflammatory process, reduce swelling and accelerate the cleansing of the wound surface. In the presence of extensive growths during the disease, the removal of changes by surgical methods or by electrocoagulation may be indicated. In exceptional cases, the patient is removed necrotic elements of the rash.

The disease follicular dyskeratosis, or Daria, is inherited, therefore, as a primary prevention, many experts recommend consulting a geneticist for those couples who plan to conceive a child in the near future. This is especially true for those parents in whose family the disease has already been diagnosed once. Timely therapeutic measures used in the hospital often lead to good results.

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The use of cialis creams / ointments, regular hygiene procedures, the use of only special products for taking a shower - all these requirements must be observed if a person is prone to skin diseases. Many patients manage to achieve stable remission for several years. Although a complete recovery from Darier syndrome should not be expected. In the absence of proper treatment of the disease, complications may appear in the form of: swelling of the skin; aggravation of external manifestations; deterioration of the skin condition with rashes.

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The information provided in the article is for informational purposes only. The materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give recommendations for treatment, based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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In 1889, independently of each other, Darier in France and White in the USA first described this disease. Initially, Darier gave this disease the name follicular vegetative psorospermosis (1899), and then follicular dyskeratosis. The latter is the most accepted synonym for Darier's disease.

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Etiology and pathogenesis are unknown. According to modern concepts, Darier's follicular dyskeratosis refers to genodermatoses with an autosomal dominant type of inheritance. Wedtofte and others believe that the immunological mechanism is one of the links in the pathogenesis of follicular dyskeratosis.

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There is an opinion that the bullous form of Darier's disease is a kind of transitional stage to benign familial pemphigus Gougereau-Hailey-Hailey. However, most other authors believe that Darier's disease is an independent disease. The disease often begins in childhood or adolescence. The literature provides single observations of tadalafil online development of Darier's disease in the elderly. Both sexes are affected with equal frequency. The disease can occur among members of the same family and even in several generations.

The rashes are symmetrical, occupy large areas, mainly in seborrheic areas. The favorite localization of rashes is the scalp, face (in the nasolabial folds), the sternum area, between the shoulder blades, armpits, inguinal-femoral folds.

The main morphological element is a brownish-red or pale pink papule with a diameter of 0.2-0.5 cm, located mainly at the mouth of the dilated follicles, but may also be extrafollicular. Its surface is covered with a dense horny crust with a wedge-shaped spine on the lower surface (hyperkeratotic plug); after removing the crust, a gaping opening of the sebaceous hair follicle is exposed. On the back surfaces of the hands to the feet, papules resemble flat warts.

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